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Your own world is created by Yourself

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with his lens around
#still  #motion  &beyond

Congratulation! You've just made your first step to experience something new by getting here.

This is not just about photography & filmography.. but much more.
Whether you are Marton's model/friend already or would like to be, you are welcome to join.
If you had known his photography before, there is no need to explain anything.

If you're new it is another reason to look around.

#still #motion &beyond

I am Marton Honfy, photographer and filmmaker.

Let me tell you about the beginning: My photography career started in 2006 when I bought my first DSLR. At that time I was working as a graphic designer,  and I wanted to create and use my own photos for my projects. I realised that my photography escalated quickly and I dove deeper into my new hobby, than into graphic design. I have been living more than 4 years in United Kingdom and I improved my photography skills even more. I found myself at the Porsche Human Performance Centre at Silverstone. I became the Official Photographer of Votwo Events & Adventure Ltd - British Sport Event Organiser Company. My works publicised in the leading UK magazines. Photography became my profession.

After moving back to Hungary I teamed up with two of my Hungarian photographer friends and we founded Studio403. We are working together with makeup artists, stylist's, hair dressers and other specialist according to the actual mission. As a team bigger events, more complex projects can be successfully delivered in studio and on location. Visit the showroom in the Photography section and on the Filming page.


Courses & Workshops

If you think photography means more for you than just watching pictures, or after walking through my galleries you would like to learn how you could take similar pro photos I've got good news for you. In our Budapest based photo studio we are organizing Photography Courses. No matter if you are beginner or intermediate enthusiast. On our courses we start with the basics and give all our knowledge to you. At the end of the 9 occasions you will be confident with your camera and accessories. You will know the photography rules so it will be conscious to infringe them. We will tell many tricks and tips during the events. Max 10 person per course with two or three teachers to ensure quality and satisfaction. Good mood is guaranteed. 

Photo workshops are also available for more experienced candidates.

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In 2014 I expanded my services to Filmmaking. Individual entertainment and businness marketing is tending to video services more than ever. It is also another opportunity to reveal the creativity. Many clients choose my videography services to improve their marketing. Theme varies on a wide range. Can be a serious business, selling estates, a sport event, interview or a fun movie project. There is no limit.

Check out the filming section...


TeamHonfy is always happy to meet client's unique requests. Such concepts might need additional sources and special equipment that differ from a regular photo shoots. Feel free to contact us for quotation. Meanwhile you can find the standard prices for photo-video & workshop services here.

Videography & Filmmaking

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