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In our Budapest based photo studio we are organizing Photography Courses. No matter if you are beginner or intermediate enthusiast. On our courses we start with the basics and give all our knowledge to you. At the end of the 9 occasions you will be confident with your camera and accessories. You will know the photography rules so it will be conscious to infringe them. We will tell many tricks and tips during the events. Max 10 person per course with two or three teachers to ensure quality and satisfaction. Good mood is guaranteed. 

Photo workshops are also available for more experienced candidates.

We are three Pro Photographers. Teamed up as Studio403. We ensure you get the best experience and most useful knowledge. Quite often sharing photography tricks need special explanation from us. These photos tell we are not afraid to be crazy. It leads not just to easy understanding, but makes the sessions funny. 

During the event we are always there to answer any of your question. At the beginning we start with a discussion to get to know you better. This allows us to give specialized hints tailored to your photography interests. In this case photography tasks in the studio give useful knowledge for your macro, portrait, wedding, landscape, or any kind of photography plans.

After learning the basics your creativity steps in. Photos will born that existed only in your head before. Now it is possible to show it to the world!

We are playing not just with the light but the shadow too.

At the end of the course your view to the photography will change. You'll be more sensitive to the details like the timing, lighting or point of view. See the group photos bellow how our previous students had fun front of the camera on the last day.

If you ever planned to learn photography, than it is your time! First day of the 9 days course is free. See pricing here.

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